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Галактика Знакомств 9.1 на Андроид скачать Galaxy на Android бесплатно чат с персонажами новые знакомства скачать на телефон

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Galaxy - Main Page, Download Galaxy free chat
Download Galaxy dating free chat galaxy 7.3 on the phone in the Galaxy 7.3 you can now change the crown of the owner of the planet. Improved performance, improved user interface, minor bug fixes, added new clothes!

1) first, you should download the chat Galaxy Dating to your phone for free, or on Android

2) Sign up in the galaxy Just enter your nickname and choose your character's appearance is very fast and easy!

3) Meet, make friends, communicate, share photos, participate in contests and quizzes, Vedi blog, play games, backwater Pets, give gifts to friends and beloved... join with us is interesting

FREE Signup ☆ Avatars ☆ Create chatrooms ☆ Instant message ☆ Send SMS ☆ Share photos ☆ Online Games ☆ Ad Free. Download Galaxy on your mobile ...

Mobile chat Galaxy Dating is a java chat with your avatars (characters), in this chat unlike other chat is not only the nickname, but your character, which you can raise the status of, and together with the status changes aura character from yellow to red. Mobile chat galaxy is installed on your phone for example as well as ICQ, only this is the easier, the registration occurs in the chat, you just pick your NICKNAME, GENDER and CHARACTER, chat in itself is free, and the money you can spend there only according to his will, and more in addition lot of opportunities up to the Registrar's office and the prison
In the galaxy you will communicate IN REAL time, as well as in ICQ! But in the galaxy don't want to add, authorize and etc! In the galaxy always, at any time of the day,a lot of people!!!
In the chat you will have in addition to the name and nickname, your OWN BODY, your own personal character, (selected at registration of boys, girls and animals, to unique monsters) with the body and the head you choose for yourself! in its sole discretion, to your own taste!
You then have the choice of different room (the planets in their interests,age, etc), where different people, different people...
Supervisors can drive you from the planet and even close access to time, so you can become a supervisor if you ask the king of the planet make you ruler, but you can still buy the planet and become its king, if you've never been(a) in the chat then look at, sign up, you won't regret, but still, that was fun download the same galaxy to your friends, advise friends and chat together in a chat galaxy

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-новые головы и тела персонажей; 
- новые ауры, смайлы, новый "рубин" в авторитете; 
- дождь на планете; 
- множество новых настроек приложения; 
- управление стало более удобным; 

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